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+++ Interview with Frederico Cannas - President of the FIHB +++ --- Note: L'interview en francais en download ci-dessous --- FIHB: M. Cannas thank you for taking the time for this interview. Frederico Cannas (FC): Thank you for this opportunity to share some ideas and points of view with the Horseball community. FIHB: 2017 has been the year after the world cup. You said yourself that this is always a challenging one. How is your review of the past year? FC: The past year was very interesting for the International Horseball, as we achieved to understand some paths we should develop to help our sport to grow worldwide. We started the year with some changes to the board, and with new persons who have been helping a lot with the organisation, the development and the communication of the federation. Interessting was also, that last year we had the biggest number of labelled World Horseball Ranking (WHR) competitions. This shows the interest of players, coaches, clubs and organisers in this Horseball measurement and communication tool. We also integrated the results of the National Competitions in the WHR. With this, we are aware of the real number of Horseball players in each country and understand how the championships are organised. Furthermore we can make sure that competitions have similar criteria, as we only label championships that respects and follow the WHR organisation rules. With this measurement we want to have in the future more balanced games and competitions. We have made an international Horseball competition in Mexico, that corresponds to the politic that we want to adopt for the next years: Not just developping the existent Horseball, but try to find new markets and new practicants. In this way can show that we are not just a discipline developed in some European countries. Finally we have introduced the FIHB Horseball Masters: It’s a recognition competition for the best players of the WHR, with the target to prepare the path for the Professional Horseball. FIHB: After 2017, which is the outlook for 2018? What will be the highlights / targets in 2018 for the FIHB? FC: 2018 we’ll go on with some International WHR Horseball Tournaments, in Spain (II. FIHB WHR Banyoles Horseball Week), Portugal, Italy (IV. FIHB WHR Champions Tour) and we have the 2018 FIHB WHR U16 European Championship, that will be held in Bishop Burton (GB) at the same time than the FEI European Championships for Ponies. We will also have the FIHB WHR Champions League 2018 in Moorsele (BEL), and we are on negotiations with the Tryon organisers to held a FIHB Horseball Masters during the World Equestrian Games in the USA. FIHB: You have been player at high level for many years (ex.: 3 times Vice European Champion), you have been president of the Portuguese Horseball association and are now for 5 years the president of the FIHB: What drives you? FC: I believe that what drives me is basically the same feeling that everybody related with Horseball has…Passion!!! The only difference is that after all the years as player, I’ve found the possibility over the political path to live my dedication to Horseball, to not loose the contact with this tremendous sport. I still believe and I’m very positive that we will achieve a lot as an equestrian discipline. FIHB: How do you define the role of the FIHB? FC: FIHB as stated on our statues, has the mission to unify, spread and develop Horseball, to recognise create and change Horseball rules and roles, and lately to help to organise and certify Horseball competitions. As a way to have a common language on our sport, FIHB created a few years ago the World Horseball Ranking (WHR) that helps to understand the participation and results of the players, coaches, clubs, nations, referees, and with this to put everything and everybody on their place and help to write down the history of our sport, that had a past and for sure will have a future! Compared to all other institutions, FIHB is the only one that exists only for the sport Horseball, to defend its interests, and the only one that can have a neutral position without defending interests other than the ones of the sport itself. It’s a non profit federation that do a lot for the love of the sport and it’s the passion that drives us, I can assure that. FIHB: What do you think will be the most important things for Horseball in the next years, to become a professional sport? FC: To create a professional Horseball, it's imperative that Horseball community wants to create a new dimension on our sport and upgrade the leisure and amateur Horseball to a new step! It’s also imperative to meet the interests of sponsors, brands and public, but specially to have conditions for persons to make their living with Horseball in all possible roles! For this the basic concept in my opinion is, that the whole Horseball community is aware of the importance of the professional Horseball as a way to get recognition, to get quality and also to get income. Unfortunately a closed Horseball economy, where the money created and spend circulates for the sport and the sport people interests, does not exist yet. In our days all the revenue created is going in many cases to people or 3rd parties, who do not reinvest it in our sport. After agreeing to the foundamentals, we have to understand that if a sport does not have worldwide recognition, a good number of praticants and competitions adapted to different places, there will be no space to brands, sponsors and big public. But those are one of the biggest supporters for the professional Horseball. Another huge problem is the travelling of horses around the world. This costs a lot and makes only to the development of countries nearby the countries already developed possible. There’s the need to find other solutions, without sacrificing what exists already, like the great spirit and relationship that Horseball players have with their horses. We could talk days about solutions. I invite all the readers to the Horseball Summit 2019 next year, that will have presentations and discussions on this topic. Finally answering to your question for 2018, we will try to continue to promote Horseball tournaments in new countries, and make demonstrations on nice places, with a great communication plan to sponsors and brands, showing that Horseball could be a great solution of spreading their interests. FIHB: What is your plan to push the development in new / emerging countries? FC: We have understood with already a few experiences that Horseball could be played on Polo or Polocrosse horses. Luckily in a lot of distant countries on the way to be developed, there are this horses that can be used to make small tournaments and demonstrations, making the spreading of our sport less expensive. We are making contacts with some team equestrian sports associations to push them to involve Horseball on their events and try to make cross experience and attract new praticants. We will use those actions also to make introduction courses for referees and coaches. Also after the growing of the big competitions we had to adapt the places of our events other than the Horse Shows and Fairs, and we intent to put great Horseball performances there. FIHB: Not long ago you were yourself a player, fighting for titles. International Horseball was celebrating its 25 years end of 2017. How do you see the evolution of the players and horses since then? FC: That’s true, time is passing very quickly! There’s a huge difference on security and conditions for sure, also the distance in between the Horseball community is shorter at all levels. I understand that the horses changed a lot, the technique of players and game strategy its very different. I intent to say that I would love to see some changes on the game to make it diverse on strategy, example make the throw in (“touche”) again on 15 meters with only 1 line or 4 times of 5 minutes but that’s a personal opinion as ex player… but I have already a lot of things to think about , an I will let the Horseball community to give their opinions. FIHB: What have been your personal best memories in your Horseball carrier until now? FC: As player, I had several nice memories, but my first time playing international in 1995, the first time playing against France in 1996, winning the Horseball-Pato Worldcup in Argentina in 2006, the friends that I have made on this sport, and the pleasure that the horses I had gave to me, playing Horseball as one only piece! FIHB: What are the things you’d like to share with the Horseball community? FC: I want to wish all the best for this year, and to pass an idea that FIHB it’s opened to work with everybody and all the help and opinions are welcome, to make our sport better bigger everyday. FIHB: Thank you M. Cannas. ------------------------------- Download interview en francais: bit.ly/2Fgs0cV Download the interview in english: bit.ly/2HuAm1j ------------------------------- About Frederico - Age: 43 - Nation: Portugal - President of the FIHB since 2012 - Palmares player: o Vice-European Champion Pro Elite 1996, 1998, 2004 o Bronze Medal European Championship Pro Elite: 1995, 2002 WHR Ranking Player Pro Elite History: 48

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Falecimento P. António Reis. Faleceu esta manhã no Hospital de Santa Maria o P. António Reis. Tinha 81 anos de vida e 65 de Companhia de Jesus. Nos últimos tempos, a sua saúde estava mais frágil e fora internado há dias. Foi durante largos anos missionário em Moçambique, de onde regressou em 1987 depois de ter sido raptado e mantido em sequestro durante um mês pela RENAMO. Em Portugal foi Reitor da Igreja de São Roque, vice-postulador da Canonização do Pe. Francisco Cruz e Ecónomo da Província Portuguesa da Companhia de Jesus. Era um homem de personalidade forte, que partilhava facilmente as suas histórias, mesmo as dos momentos mais conturbados. Agradecemos a sua vida que agora confiamos ao Pai. Hoje, dia 20, (terça-feira) celebra-se Missa por ele às 19h na Igreja do Colégio São João de Brito, em Lisboa. Amanhã, dia 21, celebra-se Missa de Corpo presente às 11h30 também na Igreja do Colégio São João de Brito. O funeral seguirá para Gondomar, de onde era natural. #jesuitasemportugal

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Sessão Apresentação Voluntariado África - Lisboa

Março 2, 2018, 9:00pm - Março 2, 2018, 10:30pm

NOVA OPORTUNIDADE VOLUNTARIADO INTERNACIONAL Gostarias de partir em missão por um ano? Tens entre 21 e 40 anos e disponibilidade para fazer formação em Lisboa ou no Porto? Então esperamos por ti para mais esclarecimentos no próximo dia 2 de março! Não é necessária inscrição, basta aparecer! Até lá! 😉 Mais informações aqui: bit.ly/2CkuSlT #LDFormação #formaçãointensiva #hácaminhoparafazermosjuntos

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