Have you always dreamed to continue engaging in your Jesuit Alumni Network but you moved to Lisbon or Oporto? The Lisbon or Oporto Chapter is your answer!

What is the Lisbon/Oporto Chapter?
The Chapters are projects aimed at enlarging the network of non-local (Lisbon or Oporto) Jesuit Alumni in one of these cities. Former students of Jesuit universities, colleges, secondary schools as well as Jesuit-led education programs, will find a way to meet each other, share experiences and attend exclusive events promoted by the Chapter in articulation with Associação dos Antigos Alunos do Colégio S. João de Brito.

Where did we find inspiration?
Driven by the most successful Alumni networks, who managed to create a real family around the Alumni of Jesuit academic institutions, our project dreams to allow former students to return to their Jesuit education in the enlarged and dynamic pattern of the European cities. The city is a key point for the project. Indeed, we felt the need to develop Alumni relations on a local basis but within a global framework. We were inspired byt the Brussels Chapter.

What are the values of the Chapters?
The Chapters will gravitate around the Society of Jesus and Associação dos Antigos Alunos do Colégio S. João de Brito, following its pillars in order to create a community. Being part of the project will be an unprecedented opportunity: you will nourish your inner as well as your intellectual and/or sports side.

Why be part of the Chapters?
Joining the Chapter will be an all-encompassing experience. The Alumni will have a proper space to meet people who have received a similar education. Aside from socialization, the Chapter events will be an opportunity for professional networking and ongoing formation and, for us, a further chance to listen to your stories, your achievements and gain insider hints on how to further develop our community. You can also participate, as any member of Associação dos Antigos Alunos do Colégio S. João de Brito, in its activities (sports events, social events, Leaders Club Dinners, Youth alumni CSJB activities, and many more)

 Which steps for the future?

As a new-born initiative, the Chapters are now working on the creation of a city-based network of Alumni. We hope to increase our members and activities in the next years, and to be — who knows? — a replicable example for others.

 So if you are in Lisbon you can reach our Lisbon Chapter leader, Maria João Silva, at lisbonchapter@aaacsjb.pt

 If you are in Oporto you can reach our Oporto Chapter leader, Luisa Nero, at oportochapter@aaacsjb.pt

If you want to contact our Youth Wing, you can reach our Youth Alumni CSJB President, Francisco Seabra, at youthalumni@aaacsjb.pt